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Specialist strategy development and evaluation

Progressing Projects

All organisations are under increasing pressure to lift their productivity, expand their influence, meet new challenges and be proactive about future demands.

Kismet Forward can help you and your team to bridge the gap between what is expected and what is possible. We have unique skills, experience and extensive networks across a variety of sectors including natural resource management, planning, waste, sustainability, tourism, health and welfare.

We can assist you in a variety of ways – from managing projects and writing strategies through to helping you to develop solutions to complex strategic problems.

We can undertake consultation or engagement activities, incorporating the results of these important processes into comprehensive, professionally written and well-researched reports.

Strategy Evaluation

Kismet Forward can assist you to measure the success, impact and effectiveness of your projects from the design of evaluation plans through to comprehensive project evaluation.

The evaluation process may involve focus groups, interviews, surveys, workshops, desk-top analyses, or any combination of these. Whatever the need, Kismet Forward will design an engaging and fit-for-purpose evaluation process that interrogates what was intended, what was done, the impact, and lessons to include future project design.

Program Logic

Kismet Forward can develop a program logic for your projects so as to effectively link desired outcomes and outputs with intended actions. Whether your program theory will be people-centred, bottom-up or problems orientated, we can design a theory of change that will meet your strategic and evaluation needs.

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