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Customised training

Progressing People

An important service provided by Kismet Forward is in assisting people and teams to develop and meet personal goals while maximising their potential to contribute to the achievement of organisational targets.

In today’s workplace people have less time and energy to pay attention to the ‘human’ side of their business – including nurturing staff, communicating with stakeholders and engaging with the community – even though the expectations of staff, stakeholders and the community have grown exponentially in this regard.

We can help your organisation to progress its people and reconnect with the community, through executive, team or individual sessions or through coaching emerging leaders in a one-on-one program.

For matters involving conflict, Jen Lilburn is a trained Conflict Management Coach, using the powerful CINERGY™ model. Jen works with individuals to help them discover what led to the conflict and what they will do about it.

Coaching for Proactive Leadership draws upon a combination of Jen’s experience and extensive research into contemporary leadership theory. Discussions and topics covered are very much targeted at the needs and goals of individual participants.

Alternatively, some clients seek a less structured approach to coaching, in which we address current opportunities and challenges as they arise through a series of one-off mentoring sessions.

We can also provide tailor-made training sessions in maximising team effectiveness, risk communication, facilitation skills, and strategic, business or action planning, to name a few.

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