In 2017, Corangamite Catchment Management Authority led partner agencies in updating the Port Phillip (Western Shoreline) and Bellarine Peninsula Ramsar Site Management Plan.
Jen facilitated two stakeholder workshops to verify priority values and threats for the Ramsar site, and then to develop management actions aimed at protecting the internationally recognised area.

In 2020 Corangamite CMA in conjunction with DELWP progressed one of the key actions of the updated Management Plan: the consideration of additional sites for inclusion in the Ramsar site. Jen was asked to prepare and implement a Stakeholder Engagement and Consultation Plan for this process.

In 2021-2022 Jen was asked to implement the Engagement Plan and report on stakeholder feedback. This included the development of an Engage Victoria webpage with supporting material and drop-in sessions for community members and stakeholders. Jen was supported in this stage of the project by Tamara Boyd (Intrinsic Scope) and Sally Chandler-Ford.