Major Queenscliff Projects Consultation

Destination Queenscliff was a contentious project that sought to update the much-loved ocean view precinct in the Queenscliff township. Sub-contracting to HASSELL, in May 2018 Jen and Polly Matthews assisted with the planning, implementation and reporting on a series of drop-in sessions for community members to learn about the project and provide feedback. In August 2019 Jen was asked to facilitate and report on a further 4 community stakeholder workshops and a drop-in session to gather comments on changes that had been made to the Framework Plan following earlier feedback. Sally Chandler Ford assisted with the report.

The Queenscliffe Hub project is an exciting infrastructure development that will become part of the social fabric of Queenscliffe. It will redevelop and consolidate the current Queenscliffe Visitor Information Centre, the Queenscliff Library and Queenscliffe Heritage Museum into one building, creating a destination for locals and visitors. In 2019 Jen was contracted by the Borough of Queenscliffe to develop and implement the Engagement Strategy for the Queenscliffe Hub project over 4 engagement stages during the first half of 2020.