National Landcare Program Evaluation

In 2017 Jen was engaged by Glenelg Hopkins CMA to develop an evaluation plan for a major National Landcare Program biodiversity program.
In 2018 she was contracted to implement the plan through interviews, desktop analysis and workshops across a range of project partners, CMA staff and community recipients.
The result was a major evaluation report that satisfied funding requirements and influenced the design of further GHCMA programs. Jen was assisted in this project by Sally Chandler Ford and Polly Matthews.

In 2023 Jen undertook a major evaluation of the next iteration of the National Landcare Program: the Regional Land Partnerships program. This involved the review of 5 separate projects that had been implemented since 2018. Jen led a team involving Sally Chandler Ford, Kylie Cirak and Julie Lilburn to undertake this work.
Jen’s facilitation of a review workshop for the Victorian Volcanic Plains program (one of the 5 RLP projects) was a separate but related exercise.