Corangamite CMA: Co-Design, Consultation and Review

Jen has assisted the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority with a range of consultation activities to inform decision-making.

NLP2 Roundtable

Jen facilitated a large gathering of catchment stakeholders in 2017 to identify priorities and criteria for the CMA’s forthcoming National Landcare Program funding bid.

Landcare Review Co-Design

The effectiveness of support provided to Landcare in the Corangamite region was the subject of a co-designed review, led by Corangamite CMA.
Jen supported the process through the facilitation of workshops to gather consensus on opportunities and challenges and develop an action plan for the future. Sally Chandler Ford assisted Jen in the production of comprehensive workshop reports.

Curdies River Consultative Committee

The Curdies River in Southwest Victoria is a stressed system and is subject to frequent algal blooms. In 2022 Corangamite CMA commissioned Deakin University to investigate the sources of nutrient enrichment in the Curdies River and tributaries and changes over time to inform future monitoring and management. In early 2023, Jen facilitated (and reported on) a meeting of concerned community and agency stakeholders to consider the findings and recommendations in the Deakin study and identify priorities for action.

Wild Otways Initiative Review

The Australian Government’s Wild Otways Initiative (‘the Initiative’) was a $6m collaborative research and land management program. The 3-year Initiative aimed to improve the protection and management of threatened species in the Otway Ranges to June 2023. In partnership with public and private land managers, the Corangamite CMA delivered cross-tenure, threatened species management research and on-ground programs targeting priority species and their supporting habitat in the Otways. In June 2023, Jen facilitated and reported on a review of 5 Wild Otways Initiative Projects to inform future project development and implementation.