Environment and Biodiversity Strategy Consultation

In 2019 Jen assisted the City of Greater Geelong in facilitating and reporting on feedback from a drop-in session to inform the review of the city’s Environment Management Strategy.

In 2020, Jen facilitated a series of online stakeholder consultation meetings, including Traditional Owners, regarding the draft Environmental Management Strategy. Jen reported on the feedback received during the meeting and via submissions and a survey.

Later in 2020, Jen assisted CoGG with online consultation meetings with environmental stakeholders and community members interested in contributing to the North and West Geelong Growth Areas Biodiversity Conservation Strategy.

In 2021, Council declared its aim for the Greater Geelong region to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2035. To accelerate progress towards this target, in 2023 the City convened two forums: the first involved leaders of Geelong businesses and the second was targeted at representatives of community-based environmental groups. Jen facilitated and reported on each forum.