Barwon South West Waste and Resource Recycling Group was, until June 2022, responsible for facilitating an integrated approach to regional planning and the delivery of waste management and resource recovery services that align with statewide waste and resource recovery planning.

In 2020 Jen facilitated a workshop with the Group’s board and staff to plan their priorities for the next 2 years. The process needed to incorporate the knowns and unknowns associated with the Victorian government’s Circular Economy Policy, which was released on the day of the workshop.

The success of this session led to Jen being asked to run a similar Business Planning session in 2021 to plan for the final year of the Group’s operation and to position it for incorporation into a new statewide waste and resource recovery authority.

Later in 2021, Jen was asked to facilitate a strategic online session of the Group’s partners to identify education priorities for the final months of the Group’s tenure.