Brooklyn Community Representative Group Facilitation

Jen chaired and facilitated the Brooklyn Community Representative Group over a 10-year period from 2008. BCRG’s purpose is to facilitate community, industry, local government and EPA working together to ensure that public concerns and aspirations regarding odour, noise and dust in the general Brooklyn area are consistently understood and considered.
Jen elected to retire as facilitator in early 2018.

The thrice-yearly forum highlights air quality issues and discusses compliance and industry progress towards a more sustainable environment for the community and workers. Membership includes senior representatives from three municipalities, EPA Victoria, VicRoads, as well as industry and community members.

Meetings typically involved 40-50 people, peaking at over 90 during 2010. In 2017, a drop-in session in place of one of the more formal meetings was introduced as a way of engaging with a broader demographic of community members.

Jen was sponsored by the EPA to undertake this work. She was supported by Andrea Mason (Finding North) who continues to manage meeting logistics, produces comprehensive notes after each meeting, and administers the groups’s website and Facebook page.