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Council Advisory Committees Establishment/Facilitation

The City of Greater Geelong has a range of community-based advisory committees that provide important input into Council decisions and strategies.

In early 2017, the City of Greater Geelong asked Jen to facilitate a meeting of stakeholders to provide input into the city’s first Heritage Strategy.
One of the actions of the Heritage Strategy was the creation of a Heritage Advisory Committee. Jen facilitated the inaugural meeting of the committee in June 2018 to establish its values, meeting principles and priorities.

In 2020, Jen facilitated an online meeting of the Future Proofing Geelong committee to get insight and feedback about the proposed Sustainability Advisory Committee scope and structure.

In 2021, Jen facilitated online inaugural meetings of the Affordable Social Housing Advisory Committee and the Sustainability Advisory Committee. The purpose of each session was to induct Committee members and discuss how they would work together to enable each committee to fulfil its purpose.