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On December 7, 2016, Posted by , With Comments Off on Community Issues Consultation

City of Greater Geelong asked Jen to facilitate forums involving concerned community members about the following projects:

Ruthven Street is a suburban street that has become a route for over 40 buses before and after school times. In mid 2016 Jen facilitated a meeting of residents, bus operators, Council officers and VicRoads to discuss issues and options.

Geelong Saleyards operated in North Geelong for over 140 years until August 2016, when they were closed by owner City of Greater Geelong (CoGG) following advice from structural engineers, for occupational health and safety reasons. Until that time they had provided a meeting place for the region’s farmers and agents to buy and sell sheep, cattle and other livestock. In late 2016 Jen facilitated and reported on a meeting involving some 120 farmers to discuss options for the future.

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