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In 2016 City of Greater Geelong asked Jen to guide the Environment Unit through a strategic planning process to develop goals and identify obstacles preventing its staff from operating effectively. This involved suggestions as to how a refined organisation structure could better support staff.
The project was very inclusive, involving several staff workshops and opportunities to comment on suggested ways forward. Its outputs have been delivered in collaboration with staff.

Building on this project, in 2017 CoGG asked Jen to facilitate an inclusive process by which the Heavy Fleet team moved to a new Department. The process involved assisting the development of a new departmental structure that would support the team’s integration.

Later in 2017 Jen facilitated an internal workshop designed to better integrate Future Proofing Geelong into the activities undertaken by planning and environment teams.

In 2019 Jen was asked to facilitate and report on a workforce/resource planning process that took place over 3 workshops with CoGG’s Waste Services Unit. This Unit was under intense pressure due to developments in waste and recycling leading up to the ‘Recycling Crisis’ in 2019.

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